First Time Homebuyers

First Time Homebuyers Don’t Let These Misconceptions Prevent You From Buying a Home If you’d like to buy a home, but feel like it’s just not something you can actually do, there’s two things you should know. One — you’re not alone. And two — you might be wrong. There are certain misconceptions that prevent many people from pursuing homeownership. But the truth is, your dream of buying […]
First Time Homebuyers What to Focus on When Buying a Home in This Market Many prospective buyers are concerned about the interest rates, where the market is headed, and whether they’ll be paying too much for a house if they buy right now. While that last sentence may sound very fitting for today’s market, the reality is, buyers are almost always concerned about those three things. That’s not to […]
First Time Homebuyers A New Bill to Help First-Time Homebuyers For most first-time homebuyers, buying a home is the biggest (and most expensive!) purchase of their life. Not only do buyers need to consider the purchase price, but they also need to budget for all the additional expenses that come along with buying a house, from closing costs to mortgage fees. But if proposed legislation […]
First Time Homebuyers Something You Should Know Before Looking At A New Construction Model Home Picture yourself out for a drive one weekend. You see a sign that says: New Construction Homes! Models Starting At $XXX,XXX Next Right! Maybe you’re actively looking for a house, or maybe it’s just a spur of the moment urge, but you follow the signs to the model home. You park. You walk into the […]
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